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bolly_awards's Journal

Awards for Bollywood Icon Makers
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This is an award community for Bollywood icons, where you can nominate your icons and icons by others.

· Best Overall Icon
· Best Couple/Shipper Icon
· Best Icon featuring an Actor/Actress
· Best Use of Text
· Best Use of Cropping
· Best Emotional Icon
· Best Complex Icon
· Best Simple Icon
· Best Use of Color

· NO HOTLINKING for any of your nominations -- upload all of them to your own image host. Anyone who does not follow this rule will be automatically banned from the community.
· All icons must be some way related to Bollywood
· Try and nominate in each of the 9 categories or nominate in a category that doesn't usually get many nominations.
· For every icon that you nominate of your own, you must nominate one by someone else -- however, you can only nominate three icons by the same icon maker.
· All icons nominated must fit LJ size requirements (under 40KB and 100x100 pixels or smaller).
· Icons that have been nominated are not available for sharing without permission from the creator.
· If you choose to nominate an icon in more than one category, it counts as more than one nomination. Also, if you choose to add more than one icon in one category, it also counts as more than one nomination.
· You may only nominate up to 20 icons per week. The reason for this is to help fill the categories, but not be overwhelmed with nominations.
· When posting nominations, you must put the username of the maker next to each icon.
· To increase awareness about what icons have been nominated, and which ones haven't, please do not use an LJ-cut, and refer to The Winners Gallery to make sure the icons you're nominating haven't already won in those categories.


Iconmakers can use one of these buttons in their icon posts to link to the community/example post

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